Why join our local toy library?

Loads and loads and loads of exciting and interesting toys to choose from at Grey Lynn Toy Library

Here’s a scenario….

Family visits some friends. Toddler plays with same toy the whole afternoon and sobs when you leave. Parent rushes out and buys said toy. Toddler plays with toy once and it’s never touched again.

Recognise it? We can certainly put up our hands for being caught out on more than one occasion. And that’s why we absolutely love our Toy Library – it’s just like new toys every three weeks! And if the novelty wears off before that… no problem, the kids will be swapping out for something new in no time – and nothing ever gets left on the shelf to gather dust. And it that’s not a great reason to rush out and join your local Toy Library today, here’s another TEN reasons for you:

  1. Instant access to a wonderful range of imaginative and educational toys. Children move through stages very quickly; one day they’re mucking around with two pieces of Duplo they can hardly click together, and before you know it, they’ve used every piece in the house to build something incredible. That’s why the Toy Library is so great, it has something for everyone in every part of their developmental journey, and age and stage.
  1. Indulge your child’s latest passion or craze – without breaking the bank! Crazes come and crazes go – but you don’t need to have an entire toy box and empty bank account as proof that your child got behind them.  
  1. Free yourself from permanent ‘toy clutter’. This is a biggie. Clutter is stressful and overwhelming. It drains us of time and energy. Parents have enough on their plates without having to spend hours organising their children’s toys.  A Toy Library is a great way to stay on top of the clutter, while still being able to offer imaginative and educational toys that are suitable for every age and stage.
  1. Teach sharing and responsibility. Being part of the Toy Library gives you plenty of opportunity to have conversations with your children around the importance of respecting things that don’t belong to them, and how their actions can impact the enjoyment of the toy for others. It can be a tricky concept for little ones to understand, but time and repetition – which the library offers in bucket loads – will be a big help in making it stick.
  1. Goodbye consumerism – hello reduce, reuse, recycle. Families are becoming more and more aware of the impact of consumerism on the environment. A lot of us want to make a change, and the ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle is growing in popularity. Toys – with their limited life spans due to our children’s rapidly changing interests and ages – is a wonderful thing to be able to share within our communities, and such a neat way to positively impact our environment.
  1. Try before you buy! Ah, yes, another common scenario – parent gets sucked into toy marketing, buys it for child – and it falls flat! With the Toy Library, you can try out toys – especially the more expensive ones like balance bikes, play kitchens and 3-in-1 trikes – before you buy. No more wasted money on dud toys ever again! #ParentHack 
  1. Get to know your local community. We’re social creatures by nature, but many of us have lost our sense of community as our urban lifestyles have evolved. Joining things like your local toy library is a fantastic chance to reconnect with your community, make new friends, keep in touch with what’s going on in the neighbourhood and just have a general sense of belonging. As an added bonus, it’s helpful to have our friendly committee members on hand that will get to know you and your child, and be able to offer advice on the best toys for their age and interests.  
  1. It’s somewhere fun to visit on Wednesday and Saturday mornings… especially during those long, wet, winter months! And we’re close to some superb coffee shops too, so it’s all #winning!
  1. Relive your own happy childhood memories. Yes, Hungry Hippos and Mr. Potato Heads are still very popular!
  1. And lastly – the kids love it! And why wouldn’t they! With almost one thousand toys lining Grey Lynn Toy Library’s shelves, it’s like a shopping spree with almost no limits every three weeks. It’s the coolest place for kids – and we can’t wait to see you there!  

But don’t take our word for it – check out these great testimonials on how fabulous our Grey Lynn Toy Library is:  

“My kids absolutely love the Grey Lynn Toy Library, it’s almost like Christmas comes every couple of weeks! It’s saved us buying loads of toys that they quickly grow out of and meant we don’t have to own any of those big plastic things. We’re massive fans.”

– Kellyann, Point Chevalier

“My son’s eyes light up every time I mention we are going to the Grey Lynn Toy Library. Even after 3 years of membership, there is always something new to discover.”

– Liz, Auckland CBD