Term and Condition

 Rules and conditions of hire

  • Please count and check your toy pieces against the bag label before you check them out of the library.
  • You are responsible for returning the toys clean and dry, and for taking care of them when at your home.
  • If you are late back with your toys you will be charged an overdue fine of $2 per toy, per week.
  • If you lose a piece or break a part of a toy you will be charged $5, or if the toy is no longer useable you will be charged a replacement fee relative to the age and condition of the toy. If you find a missing piece that we have charged you for, we will gladly give you back your $5.
  • If you lose or damage one of the “zippit” or “stashit” toy storage bags you will be asked to pay their replacement cost (minimum $10).
  • Rostered and CSC members are charged a $30 fine for each duty not completed.
  • See the guidelines attached to our membership forms for more details.