C27: Creative Construction Set

Creative Construction Set  photo
  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 71
  • Manufacturer: Pintoy
  • Age: 3+ Years
  • Replacement cost: $50.00


1 x carboard picture box

1 x natural wooden block with single hole

4 x double hole natural wooden piece

3 x triple hole natural wooden piece

4 x four hole natural wooden piece

4 x five hole natural wooden piece

1 x natural wooden square block with attached crescent shape

1 x natural wooden board with 3 holes and cut out

6 x black wheels

2 x flat yellow three hole pieces

2 x flat purple triangles with three hole pieces

1 x light blue three hole block

2 x flat orange rectangle with 6 hole pieces

2 x flat red square with four hole pieces

2 x flat green crescents with four hole pieces

6 x orange blocks with single holes

5 x dark blue blocks with single holes

1 x light green block with two hole pieces

2 x green blocks with two hole pieces

1 x pink block with single hole piece

4 x long green screw pieces

10 x short yellow screw pieces

6 x medium red screw pieces