I135: Lori Horse Haven Stable

Lori Horse Haven Stable photo
  • Category: I
  • No Pieces: 66
  • Manufacturer: Lori
  • Age: 3+ Years
  • Replacement cost: $70.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


1 x laminated trail map
1 x laminated battery instruction sheet
1 x stables with
4 x grey doors
2 x pink and grey doors
1 x removable floor with water pump and hose
1 x grey trough
1 x grey grate
4 x brown fences
3 x horses (white, brown, black)
1 x black bridle
3 x saddles (2 grey, 1 black)
4 x saddle rugs (checked, yellow, hot pink, quilted pink)
3 x helmets (brown, grey, pink)
2 x buckets (grey, pink)
2 x half buckets/feeding bucket with hooks (hot pink)
2 x yellow haybales
1 x bunch of carrots
1 x bunch of apples
1 x pink and grey shovel
2 x medals (on one yellow ribbon, one glittery silver ribbon)
3 x spray bottles (purple, blue, green)
2 x mitts (blue, grey)
2 x brushes (one scrubbing brush, one hairbrush)
1 x grey carry box
1 x small laminated certificate
1 x gold trophy
6 x boots (2 brown, 2 blue, 2 pink and brown)
3 x pants (red, grey, navy)
3 x tops (checked pink w plastic ribbon attached, collared blue and green, reddish brown with tartan centre)
3 x girls (red hair, black hair, brown hair)