Reduce clutter, save money, & expand your child’s horizons!

Re: Covid-19 virus … We are now CLOSED due to St Columba Hall being closed to community groups until further notice.

We will work to open the library as soon as possible and prudent given current circumstances. Please send an email to to be put on the mailing list for when the library opens again. Until then, we will weather the storm ahead with calm, patience and togetherness.

You may find this link helpful – it includes great advice and a helpful video from Nanogirl about the virus in ‘kid speak’: How to talk to children about COVID-19. 


Wednesdays and Saturday mornings are abuzz with excited children at the Grey Lynn Toy Library. Join today to get access to …

  • Over 1,000 toys for children 6 months – 10 years.
  • Roleplay – baby – music – puzzles – large ride-ons toys – waterplay – sports – and more!
  • Membership options starting at $120/year ($95 for returning members)
  • Parking available right outside.
  • Large hall available for children to play every Wednesday and Saturday mornings
  • Visitors welcome!

And yes, we do accept good quality toy donations.

Here are some quotes from our existing members:

“[We] loan toys and return them when the kids lose interest after a few weeks.
We’ve saved so much money and it’s great to be part of a sharing community.”

– Member, Point Chevalier.

“My son’s eyes light up every time I mention we are going to the toy library. Even after 3 years of membership, there is always something new to discover.”

– Member, CBD


$25 joining fee waived when you join by the 29th April, 2020

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10 Good Reasons to Join Our Toy Library

  1. Access to a wide range of educational toys suitable for every stage of child development.
  2. Let your children indulge their latest passion or craze without breaking the bank.
  3. Keep your house free of permanent ‘toy clutter’.
  4. Avoid consumerism while also teaching the values of sharing and responsibility.
  5. Care for our environment by reducing and reusing library toys.
  6. Try out expensive toys such as balance bikes or trikes before you buy.
  7. Get to know local families in your community.
  8. Have somewhere fun to visit on Wednesday and Saturday mornings (especially during the wet winter months)
  9. Get advice on the best toys for your child from our friendly committee members.
  10. Relive your own childhood memories when you pull Hungry Hippos or Mr. Potato Head off the shelf :-D.
  11. The kids can’t wait to go and it’s better than the toy shop as they ‘shop’ to their heart’s content!

Don’t put it off any longer. Come visit this week and give your children/grandchildren/family the gift of play!